If Ye Love Me (John 15:16-31)

There is a dangerous movement that is popular in Christian circles today. Let’s call it the “I love Jesus” Movement. This is primarily an emotional movement, where folks express their love for Christ, but there is little true spiritual fruit from it.
So, if we were to say today, “I love Jesus,” and I would be one among you, by the way, then, let’s prove whether we do or not through Scripture. How do we know that we love Christ? Jesus tells us, “If you love me, then keep my commandments.”
Now, here is where many say, “Well, that is Jesus saying to love your neighbor as yourself, and love the Lord your God with your heart, soul, and mind.” That is true, to a point. Those are the greatest commandments: the summary of the two tables of the Law (Matt 22:37-40). But, when many folks state the previous statement, what they really mean is, “I can love my neighbor & God however I wish: as long as I feel that I am being loving toward them.” This is where the danger comes.
When Christ stated that we need to love our God & neighbor, He was not referring to a feel-good, emotional, lovey-dovey sort of love. He was speaking of obeying the Ten Commandments, and heeding them. In fact, He was speaking of going beyond the Ten Commandments, and following commands about them (see Matthew 5 especially).
So, how do we prove that we love Christ? We work to keep His commandments. We study to obey the doctrine of Christ (which is what is spoken of in direct context). We work to be dead to self, filled with the Spirit, obedient to the Word, and conformed to Christ’s image, with God’s help. There is excitement for the work that Christ does in and through every believer, but the excitement & emotionalism of it is not the goal. Obedience to Christ is the goal. He is the one that we keep our eyes on, as the author and finisher of our faith (Heb 12:1-2). We are not on this journey for the emotional highs, and self-satisfaction, but for the satisfaction of our God, as He makes us more like His Son (Rom 8:28-29; 12:1-2).
If we do not attain to do the commandments of Christ (found only in Scripture), then we do not truly love Him. If we vary from the way of Scripture, unto the lusts of our flesh (emotionalism, spiritual highs, etc.), then we are only showing Christ that we love ourselves. May we labor, with God’s help, to keep Christ’s commandments. He truly is worth of our love for all that He has done for us!