Ponder the Path of Your Feet (Prov 4:26)

Proverbs 4:26: “Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.”

Part of the Christian walk is performing regular “reality/obedience checks” on ourselves. What I mean is that we often get so caught up in the rolling tide of living this life that we can get swept away. Instead, we must regularly, purposefully stop and evaluate our path, to ensure that we are walking with the Lord (instead of assuming such).

The only way to ensure that we are in the center of God’s will is to compare our lives to the Bible. It is our only standard for Truth and living. We find God’s will for our lives especially in Ephesians 5-6. It is only possible to live this way by allowing God & His Word to control our lives: also known as being filled with the Spirit (Eph 5:18). We must stop, think about the path that we are taking, and allow our ways to be established in wisdom (God’s Word) (see the context). This requires work, humility, and faith, as we are tempted to live in the flesh, desperation, doubt and fear.

For instance:

1.) Children are to be taught how to live the Christian life and obey & honor their parents (Eph 6). This is not done today, because parents are lazy & faithless. It takes work and faith to do this.

2.) Men are to lead in the churches & homes, while loving their wives & children (Eph 5). Again, this is not done today, because men are lazy, prideful & faithless. It takes work, humility, & faith to do this.

3.) Women are to instruct the ladies in the churches & children, & be keepers of the homes, while submitting to the leadership of their husbands (Eph 5). This is not done today, because women are lazy, prideful, & faithless. It takes work, humility, & faith to do this.

4.) Workers are instructed to submit to their bosses (Eph 6).

5.) Bosses are instructed to treat their workers well (Eph 6).

6.) All believers are instructed to submit to the authority of the government (Rom 13).

*4-6 are not often done due to laziness, pride, and a lack of faith

7.) Churches are instructed to love one another, love the Truth of God’s Word, and love Christ above all (I John 3; II John 1; Luke 14). However, this does not often occur, because believers have become lazy, prideful, and have no relationship with one another, God’s Word, or Christ Himself

Are we seeing a pattern here? Many believers (people that are born-again through faith in the death, burial, & resurrection of Jesus Christ for our sins) like to make excuses for their disobedience to God’s Word. God is not looking/hoping for our excuses, but our obedience. We need to stop, at times, take stock of the path we are walking, and correct it, as necessary. This is a necessity in the Christian walk, if we are to please the Lord: living a sanctified, holy life by faith, for His pleasure and glory. May our lives be established upon God’s Word: our source of divine wisdom.