Pinecrest Baptist Church holds to the following standards & tenants:
1.) We are a Bible-Believing Church: This means that we believe in the verbal, plenary inspiration of the scriptures (II Tim 3:16). We also believe that God has preserved His Word for every generation (Psalm 12:6-7), and has done so through the King James Version of the Scriptures (which is the only version that we use in our services, and the pastor studies from). We believe God inspired the original texts, and that the King James translation is God’s preserved Word for the English-speaking people. In addition, we hold the Bible as our foundation for faith and practice. It overrules every proclamation, creed, opinion, and experience of Man. 
Every service that we have at Pinecrest seeks to promote Bible Christianity: placing an emphasis on learning and applying the Word of God, to His glory. The preaching seeks to be biblically sound and applicable. We do not seek to be political, opinionated, rude, or ear-tickling. Instead, we seek to expound the whole counsel of God.
2.) We are a Conservative Church: Our doctrine and music are very conservative. We reject the religious liberalism of our day, and worldly standards for religious music. Therefore, we seek to separate from the world, to the Lord, and do not use Praise & Worship, Contemporary Christian Music, Christian Rock, or the other worldly derivatives. We endeavor to sing God-honoring music, and primarily sing the old hymns of the faith.   
3.) We are an Independent Church: Admittedly, we have Baptist on the name, but are not like most modern-day Baptist churches. We are not part of the Southern Baptist Convention, American Baptist, or other groups. We are not part of the Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement, though we are Independent. We are not part of any fellowship, or ascribe to cliquish groups that belong to religious papers, colleges, or otherwise. We make our affiliations & fellowships based upon that person’s/church’s obedience to God’s Word & love for Truth alone.
Though we acknowledge that many godly, helpful writings were written by certain Calvinists and Arminian believers (i.e. Spurgeon, Tozer, Ryle, Torrey, etc.), we do not identify as Calvinist or Arminian. But seek to be Biblicists (holding securely to Scripture).
4.) We are a Missions-Minded Church: This means that believe in fulfilling the Great Commission, which is defined as preaching the Gospel to the world, Baptizing the Saved (as a profession of faith), and Discipling the Believer (Matthew 28:18-20). 
We whole-heartedly believe that this begins at home, and so we endeavor to be faithful witnesses to our friends, neighbors, and anyone else the Lord brings to our path. This is also done in an organized manner, as we systematically seek to knock on our neighbors’ doors every week, to encourage them through prayer & the giving of the Gospel.
We also believe in the necessity of World-wide Missions. We believe that a missionary is one that goes to a certain area with the Gospel, with the intention of starting a local church in that area. Therefore, we believe in the responsibility of Bible-Believing churches to help such missionaries through various means of aid: physical and spiritual.
In addition, we believe in the necessity of One-on-One Discipleship. This is simply teaching a young believer the basic tenets of the faith. As Christ taught His disciples, they also taught others the same. This is a resounding theme in Scripture, and necessary in our spiritually hazy world. 
At Pinecrest, we strive to welcome every person with love, and a spirit of hospitality! We hope that you will come, and be a part of our church family, as we follow after Jesus Christ together!
Common Questions for Visiting:
1.) “Will I be embarrassed, when I come to a church service?” No, we do not call people out from the pulpit, make them stand, or have them give a speech.
2.) “Where may I sit?” Wherever you like. We do not have special seating or reserved spots.
3.) “Do you have a Nursery or Children’s classes?” We do have a staffed Nursery for 0-3 years of age, as we understand that younger children may have a hard time sitting still in church services. We also have a thriving Youth Group and available Children’s classes. But, we also welcome families that desire to be in the church services together.
4.) “How should I dress?” As you feel the Lord would have you. We do not judge on dress.
5.) “Why an afternoon service, not an evening one?” This was to help the church family. We have a meal and fellowship in between morning and afternoon services, and having the evening open tends to encourage families to spend time together & relax.
6.) “Am I expected to give something to the church?” No. We do not want visitors to feel obligated to give anything.
7.) “Who is welcome to attend your services?” Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend.