The Lord Is Able to Give Thee Much More (I Chr 25:5-10)

Amaziah was not the best king of Judah, nor was he the worst. One high point of his reign occurred in this passage. The king desired to go to battle with the Edomites, an enemy of the Jews. But, to try to ensure victory, he hired mercenaries from Israel, to add to his numbers.

God objected to Amaziah’s alliance with the ungodly Israeli nation, and sent a prophet to tell him so. In fact, God promised defeat at the hands of the Edomites, should the king persist in going out to battle with these mercenaries! Read more…

The Servitude of Debt (Proverbs 22:7)

One large problem in our churches is covetousness. It is said that covetousness (or a greedy desire to have more) is one of the sins that is often overlooked and unpunishable in our Bible-believing churches. One natural result of this sin is the pitfall of debt.